Баужа О. С., Воскобойніков О.М., Третяк О.В.
Опис магнітних властивостей квантових кілець з урахуванням спін-орбітальної взаємодії
Вісник Київського університету, сер. радіофізика та електроніка. – 2008. – № 11. – C.4-9.

We present a theoretical calculation of the effect of the spin-orbital interaction on the electron magnetization and magnetic susceptibility
of small semiconductor quantum rings. The study is based on a simple effective one-band approximation. The dependence of the
magnetization and susceptibility on parameters of the rings and the applied external magnetic field is studied. Contributions of the bulk
inversion asymmetry (the Dresselhaus term) and the system inversion asymmetry (the Rashba term) to the spin splitting and magnetic
effect of the electron energy states are discussed. The abrupt changes of the magnetization and susceptibility at low magnetic fields are
attributed to the crossing between the spin-split electron energy levels. The spliting of the levels is happened due to the spin-orbit
interaction. Detailed calculation using parameters of InSb semiconductor quantum ring demonstrates an enhancement of paramagnetism of
the ring. There is an additional possibility to control the effect by external electric fields.